Hall of Fame Musician Robbie Robertson on His Book “Hiawatha”

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This week, Robbie Robertson, the iconic Canadian singer-songwriter best known for his work as with The Band, releases his long-awaited, tell-all memoir Testimony.

Just last year, he penned another book, this one for children, Hiawatha and the Peacemaker. Scroll through to find out more.

Native Son

Hall of Fame musician and songwriter Robbie Robertson has turned his immense talents to authoring a children’s book. In Hiawatha and the Peacemaker (exquisitely illustrated by David Shannon), Robertson’s tale of Hiawatha, which he first heard as a child from a tribal elder, the Mohawk warrior seeks revenge against an evil chief who was responsible for killing his wife and three daughters. Things change with the arrival of the Peacemaker who needs Hiawatha’s help uniting the five nations of the Iroquois people. It is on this journey that Hiawatha undergoes a transformation of consciousness. The book also includes a CD with an original song performed by Robertson as well as historical notes and an author’s note. –Kim Izzo


Recently, he visited the ZoomerPlex in Toronto to talk about his book.


*Originally published online Dec. 9, 2015