I’m With Sexy

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East meets West at last night’s Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles when Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds got into a finger pointing duel with London, Ontario’s Ryan Gosling. The Twitterverse turned inside out when images of the Canadian movie star duo first hit the Internet. The reason for their exquisite pairing? The pretty young things were both nominated, Reynolds for Deadpool and Gosling for La La Land.  When Reynolds won his award he dedicated it to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital and Children’s Make A Wish Foundation, adding another reason to love the man.

But what is with the pointing? Are they trying to out-do each other in hotness? Is it a case of “You talking to me?” confusion because they’re both named Ryan? Are they pointing out which of them is sexier? Are they blaming the other for sporting the same amount of facial hair?

No matter what’s up with the hand gestures, one look at them and is it any wonder that women the world over, and of any age, swooned? And it wasn’t just the ladies either, media outlets were practically panting over the pair. And with good reason: both gents have talent to spare, disarming charm, Canuck modesty, witty repartee and the aforementioned well-groomed facial hair.