We need to talk about Meghan Markle’s hair for a moment. Not that there’s anything wrong with it …

It’s just that ever since Meghan announced her engagement to Prince Harry on Nov. 27, her hair has been overanalyzed and critiqued by the masses (yes, that means you).

True, she doesn’t follow the royal fashion rulebook to a T like future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, who seems to have it memorized by heart —  right down to her pantyhose-clad legs, gracefully crossed at the ankles, and perfectly coiffed chignon. But why should she?

Meghan’s relaxed California vibe — infinity scarves, bare legs and long locks tucked behind her ears or up in a messy bun — has set tongues wagging, with royal watchers questioning whether or not the Queen will send in the royal fashion police to perform an intervention. Rumour has it that Her Majesty did such an intervention in 2015 with the Duchess of Cambridge’s long locks.

But I say — leave her be! The more nervous hair fiddling/tossing/flicking the better. She’s happy. She’s authentic. She’s in full command of herself and her hair!

“The Duchess of Cambridge generally wears her hair more groomed and polished — [very] classic glamour,” says Colin Ford, the B.C.-based artistic director for Kérastase. According to the Duchess of Cambridge’s longtime hairdresser, Richard Ward, she maintains her signature smooth locks with Kérastase Nutritive. Meghan also happens to have the same hair-care go-to, using Kérastase Nutritive Anti-Frizz Masque for her long locks. “Meghan wears her hair in a casual way,” Ford continues. “It has a more modern, current feel to it.”

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Taking that into consideration, one has to wonder how Meghan will style her hair for her May 19 nuptials at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

“This will depend on her wedding dress and whether she has the opportunity to wear a tiara!” Ford says. “Her tendency is to wear her hair down. For her wedding to a prince, I’m thinking she will not want to flout tradition too much and will probably wear a chignon of sorts but with her personal touch to it – a little looser than the more traditional look.”

Regardless of what she chooses, no doubt it will be gorgeous – and perhaps a tad bit messy.

Looking to adapt some royal hairstyles for yourself? Here, Kérastase’s artistic director Colin Ford walks you through a few simple styles.

Meghan Markle Hair
Meghan lets her hair down. Photo: Andrew Milligan/AFP/Getty Images.

How to Style Your Curly Hair Down
1) To achieve Meghan’s look, use Bain and Masque Fluidealiste to nourish dry, curly hair and also help relax it.
2) Before blow-drying, use Keratine Thermique, a specific leave-in conditioner for curly, difficult-to-control hair. It helps reduce the frizz.
3) Take small sections of your hair (about one inch thick) and use a medium/large bristle brush to dry the hair from the roots to the tip. Work from the underneath layers and finish at the top of the head.

Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess often wears her hair in a chignon. Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

How to Do a Simple Chignon
1) Pull your hair back into a tight, low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
2) Once you have it in the ponytail, spray with V.I.P. (Volume in Powder) from Kérastase. Lightly backcomb the hair and then twist and wrap around the base of your ponytail.
3) Hold the bun in place while you secure it with some bobby pins. Spray with Lacque Noire to keep it in place.

Meghan Markle Messy Bun
Meghan’s chic messy bun. Photo: Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

How to Do a Chic Messy Bun
1) Spray V.I.P. (Volume in Powder) from Kérastase throughout your hair — it can either be freshly shampooed hair or hair that is two days old.
2) Using your hands, loosely guide the hair back into a low ponytail, allowing any loose strands to fall free.
3) Lightly twist the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.
4) Gently pull on the bun to loosen it more and keep the messy texture. Finish the hair off with Lacque Couture from Kérastase for a soft hold.