Goodnight Zoom: New Book Teaches Kids About COVID

Goodnight Zoom, a new downloadable colouring book, helps educate children about the risks, and heroes, of the coronavirus pandemic. Image: Courtesy Goodnight Zoom

A new, downloadable colouring book can help grandparents connect (virtually) with their grandkids while teaching them about the coronavirus pandemic. Goodnight Zoom — a play on the title of the bestselling children’s book Goodnight Moon, as well as a nod to the popular digital-conferencing platform Zoom, which many are using to stay connected during isolation — offers lessons about the pandemic, the importance of self-isolation, appreciating the support of loved ones and the heroism of frontline workers.

Marissa Kassam, who conceived the book and wrote the poems that accompany the colouring images, said via email that she created it because, as a mother of two young girls, she hopes the book will serve “as a gentle tool to describe this pandemic. Trying to bring out the positive in why and what we are doing, all in this together.”

Kassam, a Toronto-based Vice President of Philanthropy for Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, added that, “I also thought, as a colouring book, it would be a great activity for adults to share with their kids … My hope is that the book reaches as many people / children as possible.”

Goodnight Zoom
Goodnight Zoom creator Marissa Kassam and her two children, Mila and her older sister Maddie. Photo: Marissa Kassam


Illustrated by Toronto make-up artist Alex Walderman and designed by Leigh Walderman, Goodnight Zoom is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at families, educators and charities. According to a statement, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations, “are committed to using the colouring book as a project for ‘bigs’ to stay virtually connected to their ‘littles’” during the pandemic. On social media, Canadian personalities like businesswoman and Dragon’s Den star Arlene Dickenson, as well as ET Canada host Cheryl Hickey, have shared the book.

One page from the colouring book focuses on seniors:

This germ has lasted far too long,
And it’s hard for everyone to stay strong.
Older people and those who get sick,
Can be hurt by this virus very quick.
So we stay inside to give some time,
Waiting for the “all clear” sign.
Until then we do good deeds,
And always try to help those in need

Goodnight Zoom
Image of a person who’s had groceries dropped off for them, from Goodnight Zoom. Image: Courtesy Goodnight Zoom


Another page honours “the real superheroes,” from grocery store workers to delivery people and medical workers, adding, “The world wouldn’t be able to get through this without you.”

Goodnight Zoom
Frontline workers as superheroes, from Goodnight Zoom. Image: Courtesy Goodnight Zoom