Five Books for Father’s Day

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From a dark thriller and passionate tales of true crime to memorable historical moments and natural treasures, here are some great reads for Father’s Day – or any day!

MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King
In his latest dark thriller, Stephen King takes us into an American community struggling with a collapsed economy and devastating job shortage. The story opens at a job fair, where decent, but down-on-their-luck citizens brave cold temperatures and long lines for a chance at employment. It is into this somber scene that a murderer strikes, driving a stolen Mercedes into the crowd and killing eight people. To solve the crime and prevent another even more diabolical attack, Detective Bill Hodges is called out of his restless retirement for a facedown with a twenty-something, tech-savvy killer.  

In this beautifully illustrated and hefty volume, famed writer and historian Stephen Ambrose brings together an extraordinary collection of over 125 photos marking memorable moments of the Second World War and its most pivotal battle, the D-Day invasion. In recognition of D-Day’s 70 anniversary (June 6, 1944), Ambrose draws on more than 1,400 interviews with Canadian, British, American, French and German veterans, revealing how the original plans for the invasion had to be abandoned and enlisted men and junior officers acted on their initiative when events did not go to plan.  

NO RELATION by Terry Fallis
Downsized and dumped in mid-life. This is what happens to a New York copywriter and aspiring novelist when he loses his job and his girlfriend on the same day. And to make matters worse, his name is, ahem, Earnest Hemmingway (no relation), and his family is pressuring him to join the family underwear business, Hemmingwear. Told with his trademark wit and humour, Canadian writer Terry Fallis’ fourth novel is a charming read about the possibilities of reinvention, even when it’s not what you were looking for.
TRIALS OF PASSION by Lisa Appignanesi
Canadian author Lisa Appignanesi takes readers into the dark heart of famous crimes committed in the name of love and passion. Spanning from 1870 Brighton when a well-respected spinster poisoned her lover’s wife to several years later in Paris where popular performer stalked her unfaithful lover and on to the trial of a New York millionaire who publicly murdered a prominent architect, Appignanesi probes the oft-blurred boundaries between madness and badness.
Find out what Chris Hadfield thinks about a very rare type of meteorite, the largest of its kind found in Canada. Or bestselling author Wade Davis’s insights about the Hudson strait Kayak. In celebration of the ROM’s 100th anniversary, twenty-one famous writers, filmmakers, painters – and yes, our most famous astronaut – share their personal connections with a unique item in the museum. This gorgeous coffee table book is perfect for the history buff on your list.