Great Reads: 5 Books with Buzz

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From monsters in a Scottish village during the Second World War to a modern-day “Rear Window” and a timeless tale of love and memory, these 5 books are at the top of our list


THE BURIED GIANT by Kazuo Ishiguro

Following the death of King Arthur, ogres roam the land, and Britain is in a state of perilous decline. Against this dismal war-ravaged setting, master storyteller Kazuo Ishigurao’s seventh novel follows an elderly couple, Axl and Beatrice, as they search for the son they haven’t seen in years … but no longer remember why. A mysterious mist of forgetfulness has infected the country, young and old alike, yet for Axl and Beatrice, the dimming of their past doesn’t dispel a nagging sense something has gone very wrong. It’s a moving story of memory and forgetting – and the blessings of both – but it’s also a poignant portrayal of long-term love, what’s buried as well as what’s in plain view.

The Buried Giant (Knopf Canada) is available at Indigo and



From the bestselling author of Water for Elephants comes this enchanting story set in a small Scottish village during the Second World War. The novel follows Philadelphia socialite Madeline Hyde on a reckless trek to photograph the Loch Ness monster of legend, even as another very real monster — Adolph Hitler – wages his brutal campaign. It’s a compelling story, from the giddy world of trust funds and champagne-fuelled escapades to the tragic realities of war and friendships formed in the most unlikely places.

At the Water’s Edge (Doubleday Canada) is available at Indigo and

THE FIFTH HEART by Dan Simmons

The year is 1893. Two famous literary figures, Sherlock Holmes and the real-life Henry James, join forces to solve the murder of Clover Adams, wife of the esteemed American historian Henry Adams. Originally deemed a suicide, foul play is now suspected, and matters of national importance may be at stake. The case helps a down-and-out James shake off his own suicidal thoughts and, at the same time, instigates the return of Holmes from his own kind of death, after faking his demise three years ago while eliminating the evil Moriarty. But has he really? This historical mystery is a must-read for fans of the great consulting detective.

The Fifth Heart (Little, Brown) is available at Indigo and



The watcher is being watched. In Joy Fielding’s new psychological thriller, high-powered special investigator Bailey Carpenter is on a stake-out in Miami when she is attacked and nearly killed. With her attacker on the loose and the police out of clues, an increasingly paranoid Bailey locks herself inside her apartment, unable to leave without panicking. As a distraction, she begins spying on her neighbours – in particular, the handsome man living in the high rise across the street. But what begins as an innocent diversion turns into obsession as she realizes he is watching her, too. Could his increasingly suspicious behaviour mean he’s actually the man who attacked her, or is it just her paranoia? This modern and equally chilling take on Hitchcock’s Rear Window will keep you up well into the night.

Someone is Watching (Doubleday Canada) is available on Indigo and

DELICIOUS FOODS by James Hannaham

During a time when almost daily we’re reminded of real-life racial tensions comes this satirical tale about modern-day slavery and racial injustice in America. In the novel, which also gives a bittersweet portrayal of the bond between mother and son, crack cocaine plays an unexpected and surprisingly seductive role as an actual character. If addiction had a voice, this is it. (And you just may not be able to put the book down either.)

Delicious Foods (Little, Brown and Company) is available at Indigo and


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