Oprah’s Favourite Things Part II: For the First and Final Time

By Charlotte Bumstead
Sometimes it is difficult to tell who loves being on her Favourite Things show more—Oprah, or members of the audience? Both were jumping up and down, screaming and singing through laughs and tears yesterday, Nov.22, on her final Favourite Things; part two after last week’s episode. It was a shocking surprise as Oprah named her second giveaway show for the first time ever. There was no shortage of excitement in the hour, as IPads with angel wings flew from the ceiling and sparkling Ugg Boots hung at the fireplace. There were purses, sweaters, bras, cookware, jewellery boxes, diamond earrings, books and the new VW Beetle!

Dressed in a beautiful gold dress, wearing a bright white smile and flailing her arms in the air, 56-year-old Oprah played the Santa Claus of everyone’s dreams. She also made her own dreams come true, as Johnny Mathis and Josh Groban sang a holiday medley duet to end the show.

These are only a taste of the moments to be missed when the hottest day-time talk show goes off-air after 24 years. Winfrey came a long way to reach Washington Boulevard in Chicago—the home of Harpo Studios—and she will be leaving as one of the most influential women in the world.