Michael J. Fox to Return to TV

photo by Bryan Adams

Zoomer‘s April 2010 cover star Michael J. Fox is coming back to the small screen, NBC announced Monday. He will be starring in a new comedy series that will be based loosely on his life. Fox will be playing a husband and father of three from New York City dealing with family, career and challenges associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The show is yet to be named.

Chairman of NBC Entertainment Robert Greenlatt said of the Family Ties star, “To bring Michael J. Fox back to NBC is a supreme honour,” Describing Fox as “ “utterly relatable, optimistic and in a class by himself.”

The 51-year-old Fox has been open about his obstacles with Parkinson’s since his diagnosis in 1991. He told Zoomer in 2010, “If this [PD] is my fight, this is nothing.” And, “I don’t have a choice whether I have Parkinson’s, so why spend one second on that? But I have a choice about how I feel about everything else.” Click here to read our cover story on Fox.