Cadillac Gets a New Style with the SRX


Cadillac’s SRX has grown up and moved out.

Once looking like a CTS variation, the redesigned crossover now has its own underpinnings to stand on – and the CTS has a wagon to call its own. The new SRX has slimmed down, it’s a bit smaller and much more competitive. Outside, it still holds true to Cadillac’s angular styling. While I’m not an avid fan of the brand’s signature look, the SRX certainly stands out and demands your attention. The front billet mesh grille is menacing; my tester’s optional 20-inch aluminum wheels with chrome finish raises its profile; and the tall, pointed taillights make the back-end pop.

Inside, there’s no shortage of convenience features and details to enhance the Cadillac name. Glossy wood grain inserts (part of the Luxury Collection) highlight the dashboard, top-end of the steering wheel, shift knob and door panels. It’s a nice touch that warms the cabin, and thankfully doesn’t go overboard – it’s subtle, but definitely noticeable. This package also includes a very slick double-sized sunroof that really brightens the ride. In the evening, faint lights illuminate the door handles and an attractive blue glows across the instruments and dash, adding to the inviting interior (certainly one of the better dash/instrument light schemes). The large leather captain seats are egalitarian, but comfortable, and there’s enough room in the back for a full slate of passengers with luggage. The SRX starts at $41,575 (FWD model). My AWD version, with the Luxury and Performance collection, plus the upgraded wheels and red tint coat, brought the price up to $53,460.