The Grandkids’ Guide to- “The Avengers”

Zoomers Assemble! The Avengers is a superhero movie that appeals to every kind of crowd, young and old, as the characters come from different comic book eras, most created by Zoomer comic book genius, Stan Lee. The Avengers is a team of Marvel characters that will infrequently get together to face issues that are bigger than one or two superheroes can take on. Although the characters have a completely fresh coat of paint, many Zoomers may remember Captain America (Chris Evans) as that beacon of hope first published during the Second World War, in his own anti-war comic book series. He’s back, and ready for action, you could almost say he’s the ultimate Zoomer. Iron Man (played by the 47-year-old Robert Downey Jr), a character originally created to explore Cold War themes, lights up the screen in some of the best special effects scenes of the movie. At 63, Samuel L. Jackson portrays the team’s kick-butt leader, Nick Fury. Not to mention that Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk from the television serial even makes a cameo as the voice of the enormous green behemoth (Mark Ruffalo, who turns 45 later this year, plays Bruce Banner in the film). While you get an ecstatic feeling of nostalgia, your grandkids can strap in for the superhero ride as they see the new era incarnations of these heroes save the day. The Avengers is a humorous, action packed adventure with every aspect of cinematic spectacle. Take the whole family because this is one super experience that nobody should miss.

—Chris Heyes, 17