The MP Movember Moustache Idol

By Charlotte Bumstead
It’s tamed. It’s sprucely trimmed. It’s positioned with professional poise. It’s envied by men all over Canada, especially during this designated month for spreading awareness. It’s Jack Layton’s moustache. We’re 10 days into Movember—passed the days of peach fuzz (hopefully), nearing the end of the prickly stubble, and onto the days of pruning and moulding that upper lip growth into a real structure of art. CBC Radio turns to NDP Leader, renowned moustache master, and fellow Zoomer at age 60, Jack Layton, for answers.

Layton, who has been fighting prostate cancer since diagnosed last December of 2009, reminds listeners that it’s not the growth, but the cause that’s most important. His father fought the same battle over 17 years ago, and won. Layton is bringing forward the same sense of determination and optimism he learned from his Dad. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 24, 600 men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. The five-year survival rate from 2002 to 2004 was calculated at an optimistic 95%.

The ‘staches continue to accentuate facial features of males all over Canada with courage and strength. Last year, Canadians raised $7.8 million for Movember. This year, we anticipate even more.

“A huge thanks to everyone that’s participating,” Layton said to CBC. “It’s so moving to me, and I’m sure to the other guys going through this to see so many people … putting their lip on the line.”