Dueling Chefs

The heat is rising in Toronto.

Chef Gordon Ramsay, in The Big Smoke to launch his new line of cookware, took some jabs at chef Jamie Oliver, who’s also in Toronto promoting his new book “Jamie’s America.”

According to The Daily Mail, the outspoken Ramsey called Oliver “just a cook,” while describing himself as “a chef.”

This isn’t the first time Ramsay verbalized his dislike for Oliver. Last year, Ramsay said he was not a fan of Oliver, describing him as a “one-pot wonder.”

“Everything kind of gets mixed in – hands in,” he said of Oliver’s cooking methods. “He sticks it in the oven, it comes back three hours later and it’s done.”

Oliver admits that rivalries between TV chefs are common, saying most of them are “massively cruel to each other.”