2010: The Year in Hyperlinks

By Don Irvine

The World of News
A starting point for 2010 events, aggregated
Wikipedia takes a crack at the year-on-a-page
What’s 2010 news without a catchy headline?
Hats off to the Zoomer Newsmaker of the Year

The World of Weather
Worst Weather of 2010 (Weather news is always bad news, right?)

The World of Sports
2010 sports hall of shame
The brightest, the ugliest and the most significant also-ran moments in Sport stories in The National Post, The Globe and Mail and the rest of the world
Inadvertent proof from American cable sports network ESPN that nothing really important in sports ever happens in New York City.
Words that made sporting history in 2010, according to Yahoo UK

The World of Celebrities
Deadest Celebs of 2010
Worst Celeb Baby Names 2010
Come in and get lost: The Honest Ed’s page of 2010 Celeb highlights

The World of Technology
NY Times’ David Pogue’s 10 best tech ideas of 2010
PC Pro Magazine’s 10 worst tech products of 2010 (Personal favorite: a 700+ page guide called “iPad Made Simple”)
TechZone360’s Top Ten Technology Flops of 2010—a reminder that the real dogs are the ones you don’t remember at all
The top ten video games of 2010. And again
Top 10 stories for Apple-jacks

The World of Politics
From the Victoria Times-Colonist, Adrian Raeside’s favorite dozen memories of 2010 in British Columbia
Best parliamentary punch-ups (that is, outbreaks in legislatures of actual fisticuffs and hand-to-nose violence) of 2010

The World of Entertainment

Metacritic has done some of the legwork already, gathering together a professional critic’s top ten of 2010 in Movies(The Social Network Music(ditto for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy); Video Games (with a special list devoted to games for the iPhone and the iPad); and Television Shows(where Mad Men and Breaking Bad stick out from the pack). A Canadian take on 2010 TV, here.

Top 10 Canadian movies of 2010as selected by the Toronto International Film Festival

10 worst movies of 2010according to the consensus of Metacritic’s collected professional print critics (Spoiler alert: dollar-for-dollar, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbendertops the bottom of the list)

At least 10 of the best rock & roll songs of 2010that you probably haven’t yet heard, and can actually listen to here

Miss 2010 in Pop music completely? Hear the Billboard top 25 of 2010mashed into one splendid mix, here. (God bless DJ Earworm)

10 best books of 2010. And again.And again. And again.And again. And again. Anything starting to look familiar? Grab it.

Selected OMG moments in your kids’ 2010 A&E universe

The World of Sex

A small sampler of Boys Behaving Badlyin 2010
Top 10 porn titles of 2010… and more than you ever wanted to know about the industry as well (Best nominee? Praise the Load for “best oral series”)

The World of Business

The biggest story of the year (i.e., Wall St. got away with it!) was ignored by as many year-end analysts as not, depending mostly on where they stood politically: Here’s a right-wing Canadian view of the top 10 business stories of 2010. Here’s a British, left-ish point of view. A British, right-ish POV. An American middle-of-the-road POV. An English-language, Quebec source. And just in case you thought such things didn’t exist, theTop 10 Green Business stories of 2010.