John and Kelly Introduce Their New Baby To The World

When John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston lost their son Jett in 2009, their whole world fell apart. That’s why in 2010, the couple rejoiced when they found out that, at the age of 48, Kelly was pregnant.

Just two months ago, Preston gave birth to an eight-pound baby boy named Benjamin. The couple decided to introduce Benjamin to the world by sharing their story with Hello magazine. They say Benjamin has given their house “a renewed spirit and purpose. He’s brought us a new beginning.”

Their miracle has helped them heal from the loss of their son. “It’s been uplifting” says Travolta, though the memory of their son Jett will never leave them. “All our memories are connected to Jett over the last 18 years — our photos, our homes, our travel.” Preston gave birth by c-section during a silent birth in November. (Keeping consistent with Scientology practices, everyone attending a birth has to remain quiet.) Preston cherishes the moment: “Holding him for the first time was magical. My heart melted.”

As for the couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Ella, she couldn’t be more excited to welcome her new baby brother. “She was elated to say the least. When she first saw him, she fell in love” says Preston.