Long Live the Queen?: Liberals to Vote on Resolution to Cut Ties with the Monarchy

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, the Royal family has been on the world stage more than ever. The Canadian tour of the newlyweds drew crowds from all over the nation to catch a glimpse of them and the Duchess of Cambridge’s midsection has been on every gossip magazine’s baby bump watch. But it seems members of the Liberal party might have had enough.

Members of the party will be debating whether Canada should cut ties with the monarchy and replace the Queen with an elected head of state at the Jan. 13-15 convention in Ottawa. The vote was prompted by a resolution put forward by the youth of the party.

There are many arguments to support their cause: a Canadian can’t be head of state of their own country; the British monarch must be Anglican; and Canada foots more of the bill for the institution more than do the Brits.

The royal newlyweds visit to Canada did, in fact, cost the federal government $1.2 million (not counting additional costs like local policing).

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-Tianna Robinson