Happy Birthday, Anne Brontë!

She may have been a member of a trio of famous sisters, but chances are this young lady would not have partied like a Kardashian. Indeed, a reality series called Keeping Up With the The Brontës would be all about landing a publication deal (or possibly about pining for the dark, brooding man the next moor over.) The youngest of the celebrated literary siblings, which included her older sisters Charlotte and Emily, Anne was born on Jan. 17, 1820.
All three sisters were published under pseudonyms in 1847; Charlotte’s Jane Eyre appearing by Currer Bell, Emily’s Wuthering Heights by Ellis Bell and Anne’s Agnes Grey by Acton Bell. Anne followed up with the quick publication of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall in 1848. Tragically, Anne succumbed to tuberculosis in May of 1849, not long after the death of Emily.

-Athena McKenzie