Listen to Leonard Cohen’s New Album!

If, in 1967, the 33-year-old Leonard Cohen took a deep breath before the release of his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, then his most recent offering, Old Ideas, is the inevitable exhale.

Of course, Cohen’s trademark baritone bares the scratches and scars of every one of those ensuing years. However, as it has always been with his music, it’s the soul that matters.

On Old Ideas, Cohen’s 12th studio album, the songs are largely stripped down, allowing his voice and the accompanying harmonies to come through unfettered whether performing a soulful hymn or a jazzier number. The 77-year-old is at the top of his game, both creatively and in his way of creating the perfect mood within the context of each song.

Cohen’s verses are as sharp as ever, though more spoken than sung. Perhaps this is simply due to wear from his journey – one he began 11 albums ago and continues exquisitely here – forging deeper into concepts of spirituality, love, and the loneliness of flesh.

Like a war correspondent for a battle that will rage forever without a victor, Cohen is deep in the philosophical trenches where he’s been posted from the beginning. We, the listeners, are the truly lucky ones, indulging in the songs he reports back to us from the front lines.

Old Ideas is on sale now. Click here to order now.