She Shoots, She Scores

Can the Queen’s representative trump Don Cherry? Cherry champions the aggressive aspect that has emerged in the NHL while Governor General David Johnston admires the fairer sex’s approach to Canada’s game. In an interview with CBC Power & Politics host Evan Solomon, Johnston spoke of his enduring love of the “beautiful game” and his appreciation for how Canada’s National Women’s Team play it, especially during the 2002 Olympic gold medal game in Salt Lake City. And what about fighting, Johnston said that hockey “doesn’t need it.”

The interview was set on the ice of an outdoor rink outside His Excellency’s Rideau Hall home as Ottawa is primed to host the NHL All-Star Game on Sunday. Johnston might not seem a likely authority on the subject but he’s familiar with both all-star play and concussions. He played as an all-star for Harvard University after being on a 17-and-under team in Sault Ste. Marie, with Phil and Tony Esposito no less. At 16, Johnston had already had three concussions, two while playing football and one from hockey, under his family doctor’s firm advisement he started wearing a helmet at a time when he saw only one NHL-er doing so.

The concussion debate will no doubt continue, especially with star player Sidney Crosby’s continued absence on the ice. Maybe it’s time to bring up a player from the female persuasion to fill the gap – that would give Cherry something to think about or rather, rant about.

-Tara Losinski