Happy Anniversary, Will and Kate!

By Brooke Benjamin

Last April, the wedding of Prince William and his longtime love Kate Middleton captivated millions. The world tuned to watch Kate transform from regular girl to regal royal right before our eyes. It truly had the makings of a fairytale story that we are all too familiar with. One year and a slew of public appearances later, the couple seem to still be enjoying matrimonial bliss. The Duchess of Cambridge has seamlessly eased into her new role in the spotlight and generated a ton of positive royal-related press- which is more than we can say for her sister, Pippa. It seems that interest in the royal couple are not tiring anytime soon, as they continue to touch hearts and sweep headlines across the globe. In honour of their first anniversary, take a look through the slideshow for some of our favourite newlywed moments. Click here for a look back at the Royal Wedding day.