The Best Tweets From ideacity: Part Two

The afternoon session of Day 1 at ideacity 2012 explored subjects from how CEO compensation’s are ruining the stock market to living in a world without cash. Plus, we heard from marijuana advocates, sex-trade workers and a Kabbalah Yoga instructor. Here are some tweets from @ideacitynews, #ideacity that captured the afternoon of Day One at ideacity.

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@TUDawood: Love the sophisticated cognoscenti at #ideacity @ideacitynews. We discussed why The Triumphal March from #Aida is their session exit music

@MosesZnaimer: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” Great line from Network is perfect intro for next #ideacity speaker, Roger Martin

@Guin: “The true measure of expense is hours worked to buy stuff.” – David Chilton #ideacity

@MikeRiverso: Cash is anachronistic, germ-ridden, carbon heavy, criminals love it. Why not get rid of it, go digital? David Wolman #IdeaCity

@TheDanLevy: Sitting here at #IdeaCity I feel like I’m seeing a series of @TEDTALK. This is fantastic. I’m so happy I’m here.

@valerieinto: Take note TED. ;-) “@MosesZnaimer: Happy to give over the stage to Miss Universe Canada 2012, who’s onstage giving out prizes at #ideacity.”

@suzanne_boyd: Wow and Woo Hoo! Words you don’t hear everyday from the stage at #ideacity. #beautyqueenintiarawithamic

@jannarden: I highly recommend idea city..amazing group of thinkers and believers. I am truly inspired” #ideacity.

@DrewWTaylor: Loving #IdeaCity, Canada’s version of @TED_TALKS… Hats off to @MosesZnaimer… @zoomermag @ideacityNews

@DanaLarsen: @JodieEmery started her talk at #ideacity with tears in her eyes after seeing her husband on video.

@clickflickca: 84% of audience say yes to pot! And this is a mature crowd. #IdeaCity

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