The Best Tweets From ideacity!

Moses Znaimer’s ideacity 2012 is off to a roaring start at Toronto’s Koerner Hall. Over the next three days at “Canada’s Premier Meeting of the Minds,” 50 speakers will share their big ideas on how to change the world.

Rather than covering ideacity on a speaker-by-speaker basis, we’re attempting to capture it from the audience’s perspective, those who have been tweeting @ideacitynews, #ideacity. If you’d like to buy tickets to see it in person or view our webcast online, go to:

@MikeRiverso Ta’Kaiya Blaney sings Oh Canada, and a native version of Amazing Grace. What a voice for an 11 year-old! #IdeaCity
@RootsCanada Great talk from Richard Syrett about 2012! Hilarious and so well done. #ideacity -BC
@MikeRiverso: “Peak oil isn’t about what you can drill, it’s about what you can afford to burn.” Jeff Rubin #IdeaCity
@Guin: Rex Weyler of Greenpeace, “hope is a great frame of mind, but hope is not a strategy.” #ideacity
@bruvark Sitting 3rd row, centre for the 2nd session at #IdeaCity – man is the experience different up close. Looking forward to the religion talks.
@MosesZnaimer: Just took a vote of audience at #ideacity. Are you pessimistic about the future? Or are you optimistic? And the results…81% are optimists!
@suzanne_boyd Which is more violent. The Bible or Game of Thrones, The Bible now on HBO says Sunday School dropout? #twible tweeter Jana Riess #ideacity
@roryrichards: Rabbi Funnye, an African-American rebbe, talks about what a Jew looks like. very powerful speaker. #IdeaCity
@MonojitSamanta: Simon Coronel turning 5$ to 50$ infront of our eyes. Thats the sort skill I need haha. #ideacity
@TUDawood : Am soooo in love with my brand new #playbook @blackberry gifted by @ideacity @ideacitynews