The Best Tweets From ideacity: Day Two, Part One

Day 2 at ideacity 2012 got underway with the sweet sounds of Liona Boyd’s classical guitar.  Her songs put the crowd of 600 at Toronto’s Koerner Hall in the right mood for talks on the future of technology and science. Presenters touched on a dizzying array of subjects, from the exciting possibilities of technological innovation to the uncomfortable struggle between science and religion.

Here are the top tweets from @ideacitynews, #ideacity that captured the morning sessions from Day Two at ideacity 2012.

@jgliener: Jazzed about starting Day 2 at #IdeaCity. Even breakfast conversation great.

@Kuttysark: Who’s ready for round two of mind blowing talks @ideacity ………..this guy (points at self)! #ideacity

@AndyMcParrot: Liona Boyd, classical guitarist, is onstage. “Music is the strongest form of magic” #ideacity Canadian Pride!


@LornaDueck: “Meet the new meat”; tissue engineering. Imagine lab grown meat for your body muscle repairs. Daisy van der Schaft #ideacity

@TSOProdMgr: Getting my brain candy at #ideacity.

@ideacityNews: Now up: Thomas de Wesselow, asking the interesting question “what exactly caused the disciples to believe in the resurrection?

@suzanne_boyd: A life in science tells you how much you don’t know: too little knowledge to commit to atheism and visa versa: David Eaglerman at #ideacity

@emrcreates: Love the idea of @ComposerCity – crowd sourcing the symphony! Making music interactive and inclusive. #ideacity