The Best Tweets From ideacity: Day Two, Part Two

The afternoon session of Day two at ideacity 2012 shifted gears, moving from enlightening talks on God and science to x-rated discussions on human sexuality. After a captivating performance by a Roma belly dancer, the day ended on a creepy note, with a look into the world of six-legged creatures.

Here are the top tweets from @ideacitynews, #ideacity that captured the afternoon of Day One at ideacity.

@jannarden: My head hurts #ideacity

@thedanield: Poutine is the shemale porn of international cuisine. #ideacity

@MikeRiverso: Relationships that involve sexuality are talked about, celebrated, prioritized over other relationships- David Jay #ideacity

@DanaLarsen: Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown takes the stage at #ideacity to talk about paying for sex, told in his confessional comic “Paying For It.”

@ideaCynic: Does Steelcase make a psychiatrist’s couch? #ideacity

@WilliamsDanique: My first belly dancing lesson came sooner than I expected at #ideacity lololz

@Kuttysark: Just spotted Miss Universe Canada and crew looking stunning as always here at #ideacity 2012 on day 2. Better late than never :P

@HansvanRijn1: Just loving the webcast of the #ideacity conference in Toronto -almost as good as being there -fascinating line-up of speakers and topics.

@ideacityNews: 30 billion trees lost to the Bark Beetle! Andrew Nikiforuk #ideacity

@cedecarie: Marlene Zuk takes us into the realm of insects and their life, love and language. #ideacity

@MikeRiverso: We need the micro-biodiversity on our own body, but overuse of antibiotics is killing our friendly bacteria. Jiri Hulcr #IdeaCity