The Best Tweets From ideacity: Day Three, Part Two

Day three kicked off with Michael Ward-Bergeman charming the audience with his impressive accordion performance. And then speakers Andre Picard, Marcus Laux, Mark Liponis opened our eyes about the Canadian health care system and the importance of taking care of our bodies. After a break, we went under the sea with Andrew Sharpless, Edith Widder spoke about our fishing infrastructure and the trend of marine ecosystem degradation.

Here are the top tweets from @ideacitynews, #ideacity that captured the afternoon of Day three at ideacity:

@elenacpotter : Michael Ward-Bergeman playing “St James Infirmary” on the accordion, giving me goosebumps… #ideacity
@50PLUS :Time to talk healthcare! “Universal healthcare embodies our values,” says Andre Picard. “It’s what distinguishes us from the U.S.”#ideacity
@MikeRiverso: Canadians are conflicted: love universal health care, but were frustrated by the poor infrastructure André Picard #ideacity
‏@ideacityNewsPicard says we have a public/private mix in healthcare, but we don’t have the mix right. #ideacity
@picardonhealth: on stage #ideacity – ‘Health like wealth is not evenly shared which is why we need to share risk’
@amandastmarie :“It’s not about your DNA per se, it’s how you play your DNA.” Dr. Marcus Laux #ideacity
@ideacityNews: Fun Fact: The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body BUT the uterus is the strongest muscle in the female human body#ideacity
‏@Oceana: Here’s a picture of our CEO @Oceana_Andy speaking at #ideacity in Toronto
@amandastmarie: “Oceans can play a big role in feeding the world.” Andrew Sharpless#ideacity
@suzanne_boyd: The Importance of being an optimist: MLK did not ignite the civil rights movement by preaching I have a nightmare. Edith Widder,#ideacity
@amandastmarie “Environmental degradation: it’s the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.” Edith Widder #ideacity