The Best Tweets From ideacity: Day Three, Part Two

The afternoon session at Day 3 of ideacity2012 is the always popular potpourri session. There’s no particular theme, just a lot of captivating speakers sharing their ideas on a number of interesting subjects. First up was former politician Preston Manning who explained why our politicians need more training. Then we heard about the havoc sex-selection abortion is wrecking in India and China. Sean Aiken worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks and the Oysterman shared his love of mollusks. The final session of the day was dubbed The Beginning, headlined by Peter Diamandis discussing why the future may not be so bleak after all. A fitting way to end a fabulous conference.

Here are a selection of the top tweets from the thousands sent to @ideacitynews, #ideacity on the final day of ideacity 2012.

@Read2rap: Day 3 #ideacity ! Wish there was a day 4!

@amandastmarie: “30 hours of training to be barista at Starbucks. Don’t even need 1 hr of training to be a law maker in Canada.” Preston Manning #ideacity

@MosesZnaimer: I think it’s a damn pity that someone as decent as Preston Manning is not in politics. He says I should be his campaign manager #ideacity

@TheDanLevy: B/c of sex selection in China & India women are now being trafficked & are even in polyandrous relationships (+1 husband) #IdeaCity

@jenna_bitonti: Did the entire audience at #ideacity really just dance bollywood style doing bollywood fitness!?! I love #ideacity”

@j_aimeJaime: Bollywood dance break at #ideacity

@suzanne_boyd: The Tao of Excellence through the Oyster. You can taste the passion of Brent Petkau at #ideacity

@m8rix: hoping Oysterman will be at the party tonight and oysters will be served. I would like to see him shuck and suck the love back;)#ideacity

@bruvark: For future reference: when @MosesZnaimer says there’ll be good food, the food will be absolutely amazing! Having oysters at #IdeaCity

@tonimr: #ideacity was amazing!!! Thanks @RootsCanada for the sweet swag bags. Mine will be well used. Can’t wait until next year!!

@roryrichards: Had a great convo with #IdeaCity presenter and fellow British Colombian @rexweyler on the break. The ideas never stop flowing here…

@TheDanLevy: Time for #IdeaCity Session 12. All about Optimism. Starting with Matt Ridley, talking about prosperity & how it’s growing.

@MikeRiverso: Moving into a world of abundance: energy is abundant, just not accessible yet. Tech advances will change that. Peter Diamandis #IdeaCity

@MosesZnaimer: One last treat: Jann Arden (Zoomer mag’s erstwhile covergirl) will give her erudite analysis of what transpired this year at #ideacity.