Dining Al Fresco for A Good Cause

You may have seen mobs break into dance, but how about over 400 people spontaneously descending en mass for a picnic? Downtown Toronto’s David Pecaut Square became the scene for the first ever Cook for the Cure PINKnic flash dinner to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Guests, who had pre-registered for the event, were asked to dress in white but were not told where PINKnic would be held. At 5 pm. last night they received a text letting them know the secret location. Everyone then brought his or her own picnic-friendly food to the square in the theatre district. With the white dress code, elegant table settings and pink accents (including many covetable KitchenAid Raspberry Ice Artisan Stand Mixers on display for the silent auction) it was really more like the flash patio party du jour.

What is Cook For the Cure? It’s one way to turn entertaining into fundraising. The next time you host a get-together, make it a Cook for the Cure party and invite your guests to make a donation in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Learn more at www.cookforthecure.ca.