No Riding Into the Sunset for Captain Canada

Show jumper Ian Millar set for his 10th Olympic Games

He’s donned so many maple leafs riding for Canada that he’s almost a tree.

When Canadian show jumping legend Ian Millar pilots Star Power, a 10-year-old Dutch-bred gelding, around the jumping course at the 2012 Olympics in London this August, he’ll break two world records: he’s been named to our Olympic team 11 times and he’ll be the only athlete to have competed in 10 summer Olympics.

The latter is a record the serial Olympian could have demolished four years ago in Beijing. Pegged for the Canadian Olympic jumping team in 1980, he wasn’t allowed to ride because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. (The Games were taking place in Moscow and Canada, opposed to the Soviet action, boycotted the event.)

Millar’s Olympic career began with the 1972 Games in Munich. But the man has staying power. He picked up his first and so far only medal (a team silver), 36 years later, when he anchored Canada’s jumping team at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. (He’s also won many Pan American Games medals as well as show jumping World Cups and World Championships.)

Millar may be able to collect his Old Age Security, but the title of oldest Olympian in London will go to another equestrian this summer if Hiroshi Hoketsu, 71, a dressage rider from Japan, competes as planned. The oldest Olympian title still belongs to Oscar Swahn, a Swedish shooter – 72 when he participated in the 1920 Games in Antwerp, Belgium.

Jayne MacAulay

Canadian Olympic Show Jumping Team Named by Equine Canada:

Ian Millar (Perth ON) and Star Power

Tiffany Foster (Schomberg, ON) and Victor

Jill Henselwood (Oxford Mills, ON) and George

Eric Lamaze (Schomberg, ON) with Derly Chin de Muze and Verdi*

Yann Candele (Caledon, ON) and Carlotta Singular La Magnifica*

Jonathan Asselin (Calgary, AB) and Showgirl*

Jenna Thompson (Calgary, AB) and Zeke*

Lisa Carleson (Spruce Grove, BC) and La Boom*


Equine Canada also named athletes to the dressage and eventing teams


Jacqueline Brooks (Cedar Valley, ON) with D Niro

Ashley Holzer (Toronto, ON) with Breaking Dawn and Pop Art *

David Marcus (Campbellville, ON) with Chrevi’s Capital

Diane Creech (Caistor Centre, ON) with Devon L*

Pia Fortmuller (DeWinton, AB) with Orion*



Peter Barry (Dunham, ON) with Kilordan Abbott

Hawley Bennett-Awad (Langley, BC) with Gin & Juice

Rebecca Howard (Salmon Arm, BC) with Riddle Master

Michele Mueller (Port Perry, ON) with Armistad

Jessica Phoenix (Uxbridge, ON) with Exponential

Shandiss Wewiora (Oakville, ON) with Rockfield Grant Juan*


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