Quebec Election Ends in Shootout

The newly elected premier in Quebec was just settling into her victory speech last night when a bizarre shooting incident took centre stage.

Pauline Marois, 63, leader of the Parti Québécois and Quebec’s first female premier, was speaking to a concert hall when a man wearing a balaclava and hood entered the building with an assault rifle and began firing, killing one person and injuring another. Security detail quickly hustled a Marois off the stage while the crowd looked on in confusion.

The suspect is a 62-year-old from Quebec. As he was hauled off to a police car, he shouted, in French, “The English are waking up.” The investigation continues.

The events of last night overtook the surprising results of an election that was all but handed to the PQ. Despite the fact the separatist party won the election, they did so by only four seats, a razor-thin minority that will make it difficult for Marois to promote the party’s sovereigntist agenda.

-Peter Muggeridge