Toronto Welcomes DREAMERS RENEGADES VISIONARIES: The Glenn Gould Variations

An international roster of artists, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers and even an “extreme” magician gather in Toronto this weekend for DREAMERS RENEGADES VISIONARIES: The Glenn Gould Variations – a non-profit event aimed to “reach out to the young and young-at-heart, inspiring and provoking creativity – with no boundaries.”

Taking its creative inspiration from iconic Canadian classical pianist Glenn Gould – and in celebration of what would have been his 80th birthday on Sept. 25 – the summit boasts participants such as filmmakers Atom Egoyan and Norman Jewison, Canadian Opera Company musical director Johannes Debus and former governor general Adrienne Clarkson.

According to the event’s website, participants hail from all corners of the globe, including Argentina, Britain, China, Croatia, France, Germany, 
Japan, the U.S. and, of course, Canada.

The two-day festival kicks off on Sept. 22 at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall. For around 20 minutes each, participants “will enlighten, amuse and dazzle with their performances, their stories and their ideas,” including debut installations by the likes of Egoyan (Macrophone, presented on the field at King’s Cross Circle), sculptor Max Streicher (an audio/ kinetic installation called A Fractal in Three Dimensions) and legendary playwright and director Robert Wilson (Red Horned Frogs, “an installation of animated frogs croaking notes from the aria in the Goldberg Variations.”)

DJ Michael Cumella, who developed a phonograph iPhone app, redefines “retro” music by performing using 1900-era 78-vinyls, while Brian Brushwood brings his extreme magic talents to the stage. Also, acclaimed pianist Lang Lang and Canadian classical music prodigy Jan Lisiecki (he’s only 17) showcase their talent for tickling the ivories, while the Right Hon. Adrienne Clarkson “shares 46 years of conversation with another legend, Leonard Cohen.”

The full list of presenters, along with their disciplines and presentation descriptions, can be found here.

However, perhaps the most exciting aspect of the weekend event is that, as Norman Jewison said in a statement, it’s “an exciting new conference for inquiring minds that you can’t afford to miss – because you can afford it!” A weekend pass for all presentations is $250 for adults and $100 for students. One-day passes are $150 for adults and $60 for students.

DREAMERS RENEGADES VISIONARIES: The Glenn Gould Variations takes place Saturday, Sept. 22 and Sunday, Sept. 23 at the University of Toronto. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

-Mike Crisolago