The 3rd Annual Zoomer List: Canada’s Top 45 Over 45: Jamaica 50 Leaders

Jamaica 50 Leaders

Canada is home to the third largest Jamaican immigrant population in the world, and whether we’re celebrating Donovan Bailey’s gold medals, grooving to the likes of Jully Black or savouring the ubiquitous patties – their contributions are undeniable. This year to mark Jamaica’s independence jubilee, a cultural festival was created – and what a party it was. Pamela Appelt, 69, director (she is a former judge of the Court of Canadian Citizenship) says: “The events serve to educate not only ourselves but other members of the Canadian family about the importance of sharing our history, culture and dreams so that together this country can be enriched, and the next generation can see themselves reflected in a positive way.” Joe Halstead, 60, president(currently  chairman of Ontario Place Corporation) says: “The legacy of Jamaica 50 is to represent the positive impact of this vibrant community of Jamaicans in Canada who are accomplished and engaged and give back to all Canadians.” Len D. Henry, 56, brand director (television producer, director) says: “I learnt many years ago to imbue my work with my heritage. This lesson instantly freed my approach to everything – lighting, sound, movement, structure, shape, design – with the same warm smile – I am Jamaican.”