The 3rd Annual Zoomer List: Canada’s Top 45 Over 45: Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair, 57, Leader, NDP

In March 2012, the NDP elected him to lead them as they took their turn as official Opposition. An Ottawa-born lawyer and law professor, Mulcair was given a daunting task: not only must he position the NDP as an electable governing alternative to the Conservatives, but he must do so while the memories of the mega-popular Jack Layton still linger with party faithful. The new leader has not shied away from controversy during his short stint: this spring, he risked alienating supporters in Alberta by criticizing the oilsands, saying they’re ruining the environment and decimating Canada’s manufacturing sector. “We’re allowing these companies to use the air, the soil and the water as an unlimited free dumping ground. Their model for development is Nigeria.”