The 3rd Annual Zoomer List: Canada’s Top 45 Over 45: Dr. Neville Poy

Dr. Neville Poy, 77, Retired Plastic Surgeon, Photographer

In 1967, he was exactly the new hire Scarborough General Hospital needed – a plastic surgeon specializing in burns and hand repair, the first in Canada. This November, 17 years into retirement, the now Scarborough Hospital will honour Poy – who is Adrienne Clarkson’s brother – with the inaugural Scarborough World Gala Lifetime Achievement Award. Because of a higher incidence of chronic kidney disease among those of Asian and South Asian heritage in the community, proceeds from the gala will expand dialysis facilities and build a new renal care site. “This is particularly meaningful to our family since my son, Justin, had lost both kidneys since age 11 and has had dialysis and three kidney transplants. At 43, he now enjoys excellent health and a most productive life.”