Live From the Gillers 2012: Allan Hawco Introduces Russell Wangersky’s Collection of Short Stories Whirl Away


The star of CBC’s Republic of Doyle, Allan Hawco, says Russell Wangersky’s Whirl Away will likely leave you in fits of hysterical laughter or in pools of tears.

During his author video, Wangersky says you can’t write in someone else’s voice and that he wishes he knew that a long time ago.

The 12 stories in Whirl Away revolve around the chaos that occurs when life spirals out of control. From divorce lawyers to ambulance drivers, to a small boy in his backyard, each must deal with the roadblocks and detours that can suddenly spring up.

The jury says, in their citation, “Each story stands starkly and wonderfully alone… they are stories of lives close to breaking, written with great confidence and skill.”

ZOOMER APPEAL: The snapshots of life in Whirl Away, though loaded with death, regrets and mistakes, are imparted with an irresistible sense of humour.