Live From the Gillers 2012: Kim Cattrall introduces Nancy Richler’s The Imposter Bride.

In introducing Nancy Richler’s The Imposter Bride Canadian actress and former Zoomer cover girl Kim Cattrall says she has spent her entire life pretending to be other people.

Nancy Richler talks about the importance of the first sentence in her author video. She says she uses it to find the voice for her writing.

The Imposter Bride tells the story of Lily Azerov, a young Polish Jew who arrives in post-war Montreal to meet her betrothed. She ultimately marries his brother, but when it becomes clear that she is not who she claims to be, she flees, leaving her husband and baby daughter, Ruth.  It is left to Ruth, as she grows up motherless, to try and discover who her mother really was, and what happened to the young woman whose identity she stole.

The jury, in its citation, says, “All have been touched by the grotesque violence of the Holocaust, all find ways to prevail, tell stories and laugh… a wonderfully nuanced work of fiction by a master of the craft.”

ZOOMER APPEAL: The Imposter Bride uses the perceptions of extended family and different generations to weave its compelling tale.