Zoo bans photos to protect Prince George

A petting zoo has banned visitors from taking photographs to protect Britain’s Prince George.
The 16-month-old son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is said to be a regular visitor of the animals at Bucklebury Farm, located in Reading, Berkshire.
According to The Sun newspaper, the owners of the farm have put signs around their petting zoo banning visitors from taking photographs in an attempt to protect the young royal’s privacy.
The zoo is reportedly a favourite of Prince George when he’s staying with his maternal grandparents – Carole and Michael Middleton – who live in Bucklebury Manor.
One villager told the newspaper: “Every photo we take there, even of our own children, could unwittingly capture other people and their kids.
“I took my daughter there the other day and saw Kate’s mother with George and his nanny. I thought about taking a photo and decided not to.
“But protection officers still came over to us and challenged us. They were quite difficult about it.”
Speaking to the MailOnline, the owner of the Bucklebury estate, Elizabeth Hartley Russell explained: “It’s not been done to protect any individual – it’s been done to protect the rights of children.
“We’re a family farm park. We’re not here for people to take pictures of other people and put them on Twitter and Facebook.
“We’ve had children of actors, TV presenters and politicians. All sorts of people have come to visit the farm over a period, as they have to other family attractions. We’re not alone in this.
“It’s been a long-standing policy that we’ve had, and it’s something we feel very strongly about.”