News agency mistakes waxwork for Prince William

A Japanese news agency mistook a waxwork of Britain’s Prince Williams for the royal himself.
Jiji Press has admitted to publishing a photograph of the 32-year-old royal’s waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s in New York instead of an image of the Duke of Cambridge himself.
Jiji Press said in a correction: “The photo was not that of the real McCoy but rather that of a wax figure.”
The image ran alongside a story about William’s planned visit to Japan next February and the error wasn’t rectified until another member of staff realised the image wasn’t as life like as it should’ve been, The Asahi Shimbun website reports.
The writer responsible for the mistake is said to have misread the English caption underneath the photograph, which indicated the image was of the waxwork, and the agency has since apologised to its readers.
Naoto Takamura of Jiji’s editorial department said: “It’s a very embarrassing mistake.”
The photograph of the model was taken in October when the New York attraction unveiled a range of Royally-themed waxworks, including those of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Williams’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.