Prince Harry reveals public speaking secret

Britain’s Prince Harry is terrified of public speaking.
The 30-year-old royal made the revelation as part of the Feel No Shame campaign which is aiming to reduce the stigma associate with HIV for World AIDS Day.
In a video released online earlier today (01.12.14), he said: “My secret is, believe it or not, I get incredibly nervous before public speaking, no matter how big the crowd or the audience.
“And despite the fact that I laugh and joke all the time, I get incredibly nervous, if not anxious, actually, before going into rooms full of people when I’m wearing a suit.”
The prince is just one of many famous faces who have revealed an intimate fact about themselves in order to show solidarity with the millions of people suffering from HIV across the globe, in an attempt to encourage people to seek help for their condition to stop the spread of the virus.
Former professional boxer Ricky Hatton also took part in the campaign by revealing that despite his tough exterior, he has a phobia of cats.
In his video, released this morning, he said: “Ever since that day, when I was one year of age, I’ve been scared of cats, and whenever one comes across my path I’m petrified of them.”
Organised by charity Sentebale – which was co-founded by the flame-haired royal in 2006 – other A-listers also taking part in the campaign include Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith and Gemma Arterton.
It is hoped the campaign’s launch will encourage the public to use the hashtag #feelnoshame to reveal their own secrets.