Prince Harry tries his hand at stockbroking

Britain’s Prince Harry has a “natural talent” for stockbroking.
The 30-year-old royal was taking part in the ICAP Charity Day, during which famous people trade on behalf of brokers with the commissions going to charity, in London yesterday (03.12.14) when a trader confessed he’d picked up the job quickly, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.
Speaking after Harry managed to upgrade his £25 million deal to £30 million, Alexander Blayney said: “My seller was finished selling. He [Harry] snatched the phone off me and forced him into some more for charity. He is a better broker than me, put it that way. It was class. Natural talent.”
However, despite being told he could swap his career in the army for a job in the City, Harry admitted he couldn’t understand any of the financial jargon being used by the traders, describing it as “gibberish”.
After being instructed to tell someone on the phone, “Dec Jan barges BNP buys from BP 25kt plus 1/4 via ice block”, Harry said: “Are you taking the mick? You are making up your own dictionary of words. I have never heard so much rubbish in my life.”
The flame-haired royal also bumped into ‘Homeland’ actor Damian Lewis at the event, who joked he was more of a celebrity than the fourth in line to the throne.
Lewis joked: “What is it like being the second most famous redhead?”
A number of charities are set to benefit from the money raised during the day, including the England Rugby’s All Schools Programme, for which Harry is patron.