Princess Beatrice victim of cyber-attack?

Britain’s Princess Beatrice may be a victim of a cyber-attack.
The 26-year-old royal – who is the first woman in line to the British throne – may be among the victims of a cyber-attack on Sony as she was working at Sony Pictures in London when hackers breached the company’s computer network.
The attack took place last week and sensitive medical files, email exchanges, pay details and other private information is believed to have been stolen.
Princess Beatrice – who is sixth in line to the throne – began her internship at the electronics company at the beginning of the year.
She quit her job at the investment capital firm Cabot Square Capital last summer in order to go travelling with boyfriend Dave Clark but has since been working at Sony Pictures Television at their London headquarters.
A spokesman for the princess told MailOnline that she “continues to work in the business sector” while The Times newspaper has reported that she is still an employee of Sony.
The hacking group Guardians of Peace began its attack last Monday (28.11.14) and put almost every one of the film studio’s computers out of actions with some reports claiming employees screens were displaying images of a skeleton, threatening to release company data.
An estimated 47,000 National Insurance numbers are believed to have been leaked with stars including Judd Apatow, Rebel Wilson and Sylvester Stallone among those reported to have been have affected.