Duke of Cambridge ‘forgot’ to check the sex of his baby

Britain’s Duke of Cambridge was so “excited” during the birth of Prince George, he forgot to ask what the sex of his baby was.
The 32-year-old royal – who is currently expecting his second child with his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – admitted he got a little flustered in the hospital while Her Royal Highness, also 32, gave birth to their son in July 2013.
Speaking to US President Barack Obama at their meeting in Washington yesterday (08.12.14), Prince William shared: “I remember when George was born, I forgot to actually work out whether it was a boy or a girl.
“The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos.”
Prince William was in Washington as part of a three-day trip to America.
He arrived with the Duchess of Cambridge in New York on Sunday (07.12.14) and the royal couple have already made the most of their time in the United States by visiting various charities and dignitaries.
The pair even found the time to attend the Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, where they met pop star Beyonce Knowles and her rapper husband Jay Z.