Duke and Duchess of Cambridge trigger 84% increase on New York hotel searches

Britain’s Duke and Duchess’ visit to New York triggered a surge in New York hotel searches.
The royal couple spent three days in the United States of America earlier this week, arriving in New York on Sunday, December 7 and then returning the United Kingdom early on Wednesday, December 10.
Prince William enjoyed a meeting with US President Barack Obama while his wife Catherine – previously known as Kate Middleton – visited several children’s charities during their stay.
Since their tour of the east coast, Hotels.com have reported a staggering 84 per cent increase on people searching for accommodation in the state, compared to searches from the same time last year.
A spokesperson for Hotels.com told the Daily Mail newspaper: “New York is a fantastic place to visit at this time of year and it seems even our royals were able to enjoy themselves while there.
“The influence that celebrities, and in particular Kate, have on our travel decisions is fascinating – it’s great to see that they are able to remind us of some of the world’s best holiday spots for our future travel plans.”
It’s not the first time Their Royal Highnesses have been responsible for improving the tourism trade in a country.
After a royal visit to Asia in 2012, the public couldn’t resist checking out hotel prices in Singapore.
Travel comparison site Skyscanner reported a 15% increase just one week after the Duke and Duchess left the country.