Prince Charles is ‘deeply distressed’ by religious hatred

Britain’s Prince Charles is “deeply distressed” by the violence against Christians in the Middle East.
The first-in-line to the British throne has shown his support to the those facing persecution over their religion in Iraq during a meeting with members of the Iraqi Chaldean Christian Community in West Acton, London yesterday (09.12.14).
The 66-year-old royal said: “As Christmas approaches my heart goes out to all Christians being persecuted on behalf of their faith.
“I have been deeply distressed by the horrific scenes of violence and persecution coming out of your beloved Iraq.
“I know that many of those who have been killed or forced to flee are members of your own families.
“The pain and grief must be quite unimaginable as you see them persecuted because of their faith.”
He then pleaded with the public to feel honour-bound to protect those who are victims of terror.
His Royal Highness said: “We hear much at present about the ‘duty of care’. Then, ladies and gentlemen, I am bound to ask whether there is not a duty of care towards the victims of violence and their families who, like you, are daily distraught by the graphic transmission of violent images of their loved ones.”
The Prince then met with those who have first hand experience of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.