Brits want gift from Queen Elizabeth

British people would most like to receive a gift from Queen Elizabeth.
The 88-year-old monarch has topped a poll of Christmas givers, narrowly beating her grandson Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine into second place.
However, when the respondents were split by gender, the couple – who are expecting their second child – were found to be the most popular choice with women, who voted the queen into fourth place, behind Santa Claus and David and Victoria Beckham.
Santa was placed third overall, with the Beckhams in fourth, though with men the couple took the third spot, ahead of Stephen Fry in fourth – who was seventh for women and fifth overall – and the traditional festive gift-giver in fifth spot.
The survey, which was commissioned by, saw Johnny Depp take fifth spot for women, though the ‘Lone Ranger’ hunk didn’t feature at all in the male top 10, meaning he could only earn seventh place in the overall result.
George Clooney took sixth spot overall and for women, but was ninth among male respondents.
Racing driver Lewis Hamilton took eighth place overall, while fictional bear Paddington and ‘Cake’ actress Jennifer Aniston rounded out the top 10.

Top 10 celebrities Brits would most like to receive a Christmas present from:
1. Queen Elizabeth
2. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
3. Santa Claus
4. David and Victoria Beckham
5. Stephen Fry
6. George Clooney
7. Johnny Depp
8. Lewis Hamilton
9. Paddington Bear
10. Jennifer Aniston

1. Queen Elizabeth
2. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
3. David Beckham
4. Stephen Fry
5. Santa Claus
6. Lewis Hamilton
7. Jennifer Aniston
8. Jennifer Lawrence
9. George Clooney
10. James Bond

1. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
2. Santa Claus
3. David and Victoria Beckham
4. Queen Elizabeth
5. Johnny Depp
6. George Clooney
7. Stephen Fry
8. Paddington Bear
9. Gok Wan
10. Simon Cowell