Britain’s Prince George visits Santa’s Grotto

Britain’s Prince George has visited Santa’s Grotto.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their 16-month-old son to visit Father Christmas at the Santa’s Magical Journey attraction at the Thursford event centre in Norfolk over the weekend.
The royal couple – who paid the standard entrance fee of £9.50 each and £15.50 for George – arrived unannounced after secretly booking tickets in advance.
The attraction features a host of animated creatures including reindeer, penguins, polar bears and elves, and includes a visit to his work shop as well as the chance to travel through a magical forest into his house to meet him.
The general manager at Thursford, Geraldine Rye, said: “George seemed to have a lovely time. When I saw him, he was walking around.
“It was a private visit and they were not given any special treatment. We only knew shortly beforehand that they were coming.
“They went around the winding path in our exhibition centre and would have seen animated animals like polar bears, penguins and reindeers as well as elves and snowmen.
“It is a fantasy land and the animated elves tell stories which you can listen to as you go round. It is all very traditional and is designed for families with young children.
“The visit including going into Santa’s house usually takes at least 45 minutes, but they seemed to be here a long time. They didn’t miss anything and they had a good time.”
The Duke and Duchess – who is currently pregnant with her second child – were left alone by fellow visitors to enjoy their day out with George who was gifted a wooden train.
Geraldine added: “Lots of people recognised them, but they didn’t get any hassle and nobody tried to take any pictures of them.
“The children are given different gifts according to their age and George would have got a wooden train just like other boys who are his age.”