Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to spend Christmas with ghost

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend Christmas with a ghost.
The royal couple have been warned they may be welcoming an unlikely guest at their Amner Hall residence in Norfolk – where they have opted to spend the festive period with their 17-month-old son Prince George – after a spectre was reportedly spotted in the property’s grounds.
The ghost is believed to be that of St Henry Walpole, who lived at the house, which is part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate, in his childhood in the late 1500s and was hung, drawn and quartered aged 37 for his Catholic beliefs.
However, the Duke and Duchess, both 32, are happy to share their home with the spirit.
A source told the Express newspaper: “They were warned about it before they moved in and had a joke about it but their attitude was: No old home would be complete without its ghost.”
Amner Hall isn’t the only royal residence to come complete with its own phantom.
Chairman of the Ghost Club, Alan Murdie, explained: “There are a number of royal-related ghosts.
“For example, Buckingham Palace is a relatively new building but it stands on monastic land.
“Henry VIII did away with the monasteries and to this day at the palace, the ghost of a monk appears on the terrace on Christmas Day.
“Maybe that is the reason the royals prefer to spend the festive season at Sandringham.”