Playwright defends Truth, Lies, Diana

The writer of a new play concerning Britain’s royal family has defended his production.
Jon Conway is the playwright behind ‘Truth, Lies, Diana’ – which opens in London’s West End this month – and he claims many aspects of the play have been distorted.
In particular, he has dismissed claims the play infers that James Hewitt, not Prince Charles, is the father of Prince Harry.
Conway explained: “The play contains one five-minute scene about James Hewitt.
“The reason it’s included is because I believe the start of the disinformation about Princess Diana goes back to Hewitt. On record, he’s never said anything bad about the Royal Family, he’s never claimed to be Harry’s father and he isn’t claiming that now.”
Recalling the conversations he’s had with Hewitt, the playwright told The Daily Beast: “What he said was, ‘The inconvenient truth is, I actually did know her before, but we’ve all kept quiet because of the furore it would cause and people would put two and two together.
“And of course that’s exactly what’s happened.
“I feel bad that he’s been misrepresented and it’s a tiny part of the play.”