Prince William and Prince Harry ‘don’t have time to play sport’

Britain’s Prince William and Prince Harry don’t get to spend much time playing polo because their time has become more “precious”.
The brothers both enjoy playing the sport – much like their father Prince Charles – but according to Tim Keyte, executive polo manager at Cirencester Park Polo Club, they are increasingly busy with their royal duties.
He reflected: “Charles spent a lot more time playing and he also played a lot of tournaments.
“The boys don’t get to play the tournaments anymore. Those tournaments run over two or three weeks and they can’t commit to it for that long or just pick and choose games.”
Keyte acknowledged that William – who is currently preparing the birth of his second child with the Duchess of Cambridge – and Harry are both busy attending royal engagements.
He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “They (William and Harry) don’t get enough time to do it because they’re both so busy doing their other stuff. We used to see quite a lot of them. They started their polo careers here, of course, and we saw a lot of them in their development polo years.”