Prince Charles criticised for ‘Isis ceramic range’

Britain’s Prince Charles has been criticised for selling an “Isis ceramic range” in his shop, Highgrove.
The unfortunately named selection of products – which features wig stands, vases and jugs – are available to purchase from the shop in Tetbury, south west England, and although they are not linked to the extremist Islamic state, have courted controversy amongst shoppers.
One visitor to the shop – from which all profits go to the Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation – said: “I couldn’t believe it. You would think they would change the name pronto.”
The expensive range is in fact named after the River Thames which inspired the collection, and which is known as the Isis in Oxfordshire.
The range – created by local artist Deborah Sears – includes a £525 chimney vase lamp base and a £295 serving bowl, with all of the items featuring hand-painted images of the 66-year-old royal’s Gloucestershire home, Highgrove House.
The Highgrove website reads: “Based in Oxford, where the Thames is known as the Isis, Deborah Sears, painter, designer and owner of Isis Ceramics, has been creating and painting beautiful ceramic pieces since 1988. Deborah has collected 17th-century English Delftware for many years.
“The variety of forms and functions, and the individual painting of Isis Ceramics makes each one unique, allowing everyone to create a collection that expresses their own unique sense of wit, taste and design.”
The website also says each piece is a one-off product because of the way in which they have been carefully created.
It adds: “[The items are] Handpainted with designs inspired by Highgrove House and Gardens, making each piece individual.”