Royals reveal gift list

The British royal family have revealed the list of gifts they received in 2014.
Presents given to the royals included a “selection of condiments”, crates of mangoes, and a decorated ostrich egg.
The son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, received the most presents, 770, being presented with 219 games and toys alone during a trip to New Zealand and Australia last April.
Items received included: “121 items of clothing, 120 books, 5 textile items, 1 piece of stationery, 18 pieces of sporting equipment, 1 plaque, 3 pictures, 7 photographs, 4 perishable items, 1 musical instrument, 5 ornaments, 1 piece of jewelry, 9 household items, 219 games and toys, 2 DVDs, 2 coins, 4 CDs.”
The parents of the 17-month-old prince also received a selection of gifts during the multi-week trip, including pearl earrings, a “length of cloth,” a polo mallet, sheepskin boots and a surfboard.
A further 40 presents were given to the couple during their three-day trip to New York in December including four pillow cases and a dressing gown for George from Upper East Side hotel, The Carlyle.
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also presented gifts to Prince William during his stop-off in Washington, giving the couple a basket of honey, two books and a teddy bear for their young son.