Mike Tindall to ‘support’ daughter

Britain’s Mike Tindall plans to “support” his daughter as much as possible.
The former England rugby captain – who is set to take part in UK reality show ‘The Jump’ – has 12-month-old daughter Mia with wife Zara Phillips, who is the daughter of Princess Anne, and admits he’s already thinking about her getting older.
Quizzed on whether he wants his daughter to learn to ski, he said:”Yes, I’d like her to ski but don’t know when that will be. If it’s death-defying feats she wants to do, you have to get your head round it and support her.”
The 36-year-old star also opened up about he avoided going on ski trips for the majority of his adult life as he was worried about getting injured and affecting his rugby career.
He told HELLO! magazine: “I first went on school ski trips at the age of 13 until about 16 and then I didn’t ski until I was 33. I’ve been three times since then so this is an opportunity for me to go down both a skeleton and bobsleigh track, learn to snowboard and get better at skiing.
“They’re all things I really want to do and I’m not sure how else I would get the chance to do them.
“I chose not to ski when I played for England because it wasn’t worth the risk and I didn’t have the time – during the skiing season I was always playing rugby.”
Mike is hoping to be crowned winner of the show but also wants to “have a good time and learn some new things”.